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Model PMDX-Heatsink-01

Heatsink for 4 Gecko drivers and a bridge rectifier

This product is no longer available and we do not expect to replace it.


Heatsink, fin side view

Heatsink shown as delivered, fin side view


Heatsink installed in cabinet

As installed in the wall of a control cabinet
(view from inside of cabinet)


Click on any photo for enlarged view


Example enclosure using heatsink

Example enclosure with "through the wall" heatsink mounting


Heatsink with PMDX-134 and G203V drivers

Heatsink shown with PMDX-134, Gecko 203Vs and a bridge rectifier

The PMDX-Heatsink-01 is a large finned aluminum heatsink for Gecko stepper or servo drivers

  • The heatsink is pre-drilled and tapped for mounting with 6-32-1/4" screws
  • The hole pattern is aligned properly for use with PMDX-133 or PMDX-134 motherboards for stepper drivers (It is not suitable for use with the PMDX-132 due to different hold spacings)
  • It can also be used with discrete wiring when a motherboard is not desired or when using servo drivers
  • Designed large enough to be used without a fan when mounted through the wall of a control box with the fins on the outside and the Gecko drivers on the inside, and with the long axis of the fins in a vertical orientation. 
  • Can be used as an internal heatsink with adequate air circulation.
  • The heatsink is 12" long and 5.375" inches wide. It weighs over 4.4 pounds and provides over 250 square inches of surface area on the finned side.


PMDX-Heatsink-01 Dimension Drawing
Click on image to download the drawing as a PDF document (Revision 1.1, updated 31 Jan 2012)


Click HERE to download a DXF file for heatsink holes and dimensions


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