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Model PMDX-Limit-Std

Standard Size Low Current Mechanical Limit/Home Switch


PMDX-Limit-Std Mechanical Limit Switch

Mechanical Limit/Home Switch
Overall view

PMDX-Limit-Std Mechanical Limit Switch

Mechanical Limit/Home Switch
Closeup view

The PMDX-Limit-Std is a mechanical microswitch optimized for home and limit switch applications

  • Roller lever actuator for repeatable, friction-free activation
  • Polyacetal roller withstands oils and coolant fluids and is abrasion resistant 
  • Sealed plunger entry point
  • Wire leads sealed to switch body
  • Single pole, double throw allows normally open or normally closed applications
  • Gold contacts for reliable operation at low currents used for sensing circuits
  • Rated for 0.1 Amperes at 30 VDC or 125 VAC

The PMDX-LIMIT-STD is priced at $17.00

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