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PMDX-135 Power Prep Module

Model PMDX-135

Power Prep Module
for CNC Motor Drivers

The PMDX-135 has been replaced by the upgraded PMDX-137.
Click here for the PMDX-137.


Picture of PMDX-135-8020 module for use up to 80 Volts DC at up 20 Amperes.
Click on image for larger view

The PMDX-135 is a power preparation module for use with CNC motor drivers

  • Offered in 80 volt and 50 volt versions
  • Supplies up to 20 Amperes of filtered, unregulated DC when connected to a suitable input transformer
  • Includes electronic load "DUMP" to help prevent overvoltage when motors produce "back EMF" during rapid deceleration
  • Provides rapid power off discharge of storage capacitors (under 5 seconds) for additional user safety
  • Utilizes multiple filter capacitors in order to better handle ripple current heating effects
  • Utilizes heavy duty bridge rectifier mounted to a large heatsink
  • Indicators furnished for "DC Output ON" and back EMF "DUMP"
  • Ideal power source for our PMDX-132 Breakout/Motherboard Combo for Geckodrive stepper motor drivers
  • Can be used to power all models of Geckodrive stepper and servo motor drivers and also drivers from many other vendors
  • Has enough power capability to run 4 Geckodrive stepper motor drivers at full power

** Geckodrive, Inc. the maker of the Gecko motor drivers does not manufacture, sell, or provide techincal support for the PMDX-135.

Download the manual in PDF format here (revision 1.2, 340 KB).