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Title: Can anyone recommend a VFD brand and a good supplier?
Post by: indigoer on January 04, 2020, 08:24:56 AM
   Hi everyone.

   I would like to know what are some brands you have had good experience with and what to stay away from. And do you have any recommendations for a good supplier. I don't have a lot of experiance with VFD's so a good supplier is important. I had ordered couple of time from ( recently, but remained unsatisfied .

   What is important to me is:

   Well made product that does not need tinkering (A set it and forget it).

   A supplier who can sell me the correct product, (being able to size it etc.)

   A supplier/company with good tech support that would be willing to walk me through every step of setting it up if needed.

   Price is always a concern, but I am willing to pay more for a good product.