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General Discussion / Re: Smart bob with stock Sherline 4 axis driver box?
« on: January 18, 2021, 08:23:57 AM »
Yes - have had a 424 for years. Think it is a 426 now. It works great - have homing, probe, limit switches as well as spindle on/off and speed control. Very happy with both PMDX and Sherline. Note I also use the 407 for motor control.

Make sure you wired the switches in series. Open all switches and see if you get the desired result. If so the wire should go from one switch to the next then back to home

It's a pity you spend your weekends answering questions like mine.

I could not get the spindle to respond to rpm when I was first testing - then made a an assumption that because the field was not integer that it was looking for %. Thanks much for the response and help. It is working now without the error.

Your support is great! Thank you for your help directly and the q&a from others on the forum.



After hooking up my Sherline (KBIC) DC motor controller, I get the following message. "Spindle speed capped by current range". Any ideas. Note the spindle turns on and off and when the spindle is on I get 6.6 volts between Aref and Agnd terminals on the 407 board. I have the Mach4 set on line 0 to min .05 and Max 1.00 in the config - spindle tab

Regards - John

I had this problem and solved it by insuring that I tuned the jog step to the true movement of the plane. My screws are 40 threads per inch and my steppers are 400 steps per revolution or 16000 steps per inch. This moves the table by .0000625 per step. So I changed the Cycle Jog Inc on the 10000 to 5/10000 and that resolved the issue. Any other setting would cause the error that you reported to appear


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