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This is good information, thank you for reporting your findings.

Thanks, but i only have the demo ... no code posted. And, I dont yet have a PMDX controller ... which is where the code is executed.  No way to see it ... yet.
Thanks again.

Yes, I understand that it "should", I'm looking for evidence that it actually "does".

Thanks 12'


Also look at G76 on pages 30 thru 35.
I only have the demo MACH4 so I can't display the code that the wizard produces.
I would it is to the Fanuc G76 convention, but its also dependent on the motion control. Nothing, that I know of, could handle the pullout properly in Mach3. I'm wondering if the PMDX can do this correctly with MACH4.

Thanks 12strings,

Hi folks,
I've read all I could find regarding your threading/sync methods.
Can you tell me how you handle the pullout of the tool at the end of the thread ?
Does the Z maintain the constant feed rate during the retraction ?

General Discussion / Motion Controller Mach3
« on: February 20, 2016, 10:49:16 AM »
Hello PMDX,
I notice your 410, 422 and 424 only specify "for use with Mach4".
Are these, or do you have motion controllers that are compatible w/Mach3 ?


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