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Hi. I have:
PMDX 424 with PMDX 407;
Huanyang VFD;
Standard 1.5HP 3PH motor spindle;
Small liquid cooling pump;
I bought a PMDX MD20-120 in hopes of using it to hook up to J2 on the PMDX 407 board and control the VFD and the cooling pump. I need a little help to wire the MD20 properly to the VFD and the pump. MD20 has the connectors marked 0; 1; 2; 4; 6 and 8; the VFD has the DCM (common) and the FOR (forward), and the pump has two regular power wires.
Would you please help me figure out proper wiring from the PMDX 407 on J2?
Thank you!

Hi.  Can use these sensors home switch?  BAUMER ELECTRIC MY COM E75/500 PRECISION LIMIT SWITCH.  If so, how to connect them to PMDX 424? Thanks

Dear all, I have four motors mapped out in Mach4 as follows:
Motor0 - *NOTHING*
Motor1 - Z Axis (Up + / Down -)
Motor2 - X Axis (Right + / Left -)
Motor3 - Y Axis (Forward + / Back -) (NOTE 1)
NOTE 1: I am letting PMDX 424 Slave feature control my two-motor gantry and they are plugged in to the 3A (master) and 3B (slave) jumpers respectively (with the 3B motor having reversed the phase manually).
NOTE 2: I have four proximity switches on the Y axis: Two in the front: Y- (Left) and Y-- (Right); and Two in the back: Y+ (Left) and Y++ (Right).
QUESTION: Is there a way to "map out" ALL FOUR proximity switches on the Y axis in EITHER Mach4 (which I couldn't find) or the SmartBOB controller? I would like to be able to use them for either/both Squaring the gantry / limit switches. So far, I only found a way to use EITHER the Y-, Y+ (Left set) OR the Y--, Y++ (Right set) combinations. Hope this makes sense!
Thank you!!!
P.S. To achieve this, I had to revert back to Motor0 (Z), Motor1 (X), Motor2 (Y master), Motor3 (Y slave) configuration (manually making Motor3 a slave to Motor2 in Mach4 and "loosing" the 3b Jumper).

Dear all,
Would you please tell me what ferrules (Pin Cord End Terminal Crimp Connector) I should buy for PMDX- 424 Terminal Plug Sets so they wouldn't be too long/short/thick/thin/etc... for the actuall plugs to fit terminal strip sockets? Here's a good example of a diagram I'd love to get (of course not a diagram, but all the necessary dimensions and a place to buy them fast and reliably (if you know) would be VERY, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
eBay Model number: e1508
and eBay link:
The measurements themselves are attached. THANK YOU!

Whether to work with these sensors AE1-AN-1A - PMDX-424?
  Some inductive sensor recommend for  PMDX-424? Approximately 25-30$

SmartBOB controllers and dedicated accessories / PMDX-424 & DM556D WIRING
« on: February 09, 2016, 08:16:46 AM »
Good afternoon. How to  connect PMDX-424 to the driver DM556D? Thank you

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