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It did fix it ok.

on the go to zero.

after further review I found that my Mach4 when run in simulation mode, doesn't return the z axis to zero after the x & y are at zero. I have always used either Mach 2 or Mach3 and they returned Z to zero after X & Y had reached zero. I guess that is just a change for Mach4? Everything else is working correctly.

New info on my systerm & the PMDX-422 & Mach4. I connected  the 422 ionto my Mach3 system buffrer board, which I had been using with UC300-5lpt motion controller. It seemed to work but with the problems I mentioned in my 1st post. After connecting the 422 directly into my system by-passing the Mach3 buffer bd most everything is working correctly. I saw there is  new firmware for the jog stepping underruns but haven't downloaded yet. I still have a problem with Z axis not returning to zero location after a request for go to zero. no errors just no response from the Z axis, yet I can jog the Z axis. Thanks for all the replies.

I get under run failures with jog steps less than 1.0. If i go to zero from 10 inches it will lock up at about half way with no error indication. I have Mach4 build 2057. and PMDX 422 drivers from 12 dec 2014. Brand new board.

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