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Found issue. Under ESS Pins Config Port 1-pin 2 is X Dir Port 1-3 X Step, and Under Output Signals Motor 0 step is enabled and mapping is X Step and X direction under that.

Hi, Have also tried to change the motor phasing around but it did the same thing. Every time I hit stop under Jogging it moves counterclockwise.1mm

Hello, I have swopped them over and it, unfortunately, hasn't made a difference. In Mach 4 when I enable the control and then stop it the motor makes a small counterclockwise jog. It moves about .1 of a MM I have the setup below with the motor on Axis 1
Pin 3 - Red (A+ motor phase)
Pin 2 - Green (A- motor phase)
Pin 4 - Yellow (B+ motor phase)
Pin 5- Blue (B- motor phase)
Pin 1 - Black (ground)

Hello, I have connected my ethernet smooth stepper to my PMDX 126 and my PMDX 126 to my PMDX 134 and have connected the first axis motor X. I configured Mach 4 from videos and followed the PMDX 134 installation manual.
Upon powering it up, I then go to jog the motor and it doesn't respond. It is powered on as I have a power light on the PMDX 134 and the Nema 34 is on because I cannot rotate the shaft. It won't jog either way. In Mach 4 I think I have the right pin outputs eg port 1 pin 2 goes to X step, Port 1 pin 3 goes to X Dir.
Maybe someone with the same setup can share how they configured it. Thanks in advance

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