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Upgrading my Taig mill.

Successfully configured a CONSEW 750 watt motor and motor control with PMDX-424 and PMDX-407 spindle control and Mach4.

Took me a while to finally get the concept, so thought I would post my solution. I post this without ANY guarantee of my solution being correct. It may NOT work for you!:

1) Replaced the Hall? speed control of the CONSEW with a direct connection to PMDX-407:
a) 407 Agnd to CONSEW wire BLACK
b) 407 Aout to CONSEW wire GREEN
c) 407 Aref to CONSEW wire RED

2) Configure Mach4:SmartBob:spindle configuration: select PMW and PMDX-407

3) Mach4 Control configuration:Spindle: set the min and max rpm to your specific requirements

Hope this helps others
Good luck


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