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Update:   I have monitored the outputs from the 424 BOB.  There are none.  So, my motor drivers are not getting any signals.     What setting am I missing?

    My router worked fine for several years. But I have had a computer crash and had to reinstall Mach4.  I am using a PMDX-424 with a 407 board.  I have the software and communications drivers installed OK.  It looks like the Mach4 program is working right, just nothing getting to the boards.  The router does not move at all. 
    So, in looking for the issue, I noticed that the Controls window and it's tabs has very little info.  Escpecially the input and output tabs.  Is there any list of what these setting should be?  Or anyone who is willing to take the time to send me a copy of theirs? 

Thanks in advance.

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