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Cnc knee mill
« on: February 17, 2016, 12:24:51 AM »
This is an old jetmatic knee mill from the 80s. It weighs over 2 tons I think. When I purchased the machine, it was completely stock, with the old microteck control system. It read g code off of a casset tape player. It came with nema 42 steppers with hall effect style encoders on the motors. I completely gutted about 200 lbs of electronics out of the cabinets and replaced them with three hybrid stepper drivers from leadshine. The encoders were swapped out for 1000 line disc hubs and readers from US digital. There is a 5 hp rotary phase converter in one of the cabinets.  The new drivers and a pmdx 422 board in the other cabinet. The swing arm will have a control box with a 22" touchscreen mounted on it soon. So far, with great help from the pmdx forum, the machine is completely operational. Just a little more add-ons and it will be done.

I will follow up when finished


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Re: Cnc knee mill
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Amazing Yomama, any updates?