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System Success
« on: May 21, 2015, 03:16:45 PM »
Hi everyone. My name is Josh and I just wanted to say thanx to Mr. Stallings and Mr. Shaver for their support. The PMDX-410 is truly a full functional and capable device for integrating the GeckoG540 with Mach4. The benefit of motion control and ease of use is excellent with the 410. Next step -> Lua programming & Solidworks tutorials.

Key note: Systems integration - 1. Hardware, 2. Software = I will be 100 yrs old by the time I finish learning, building, and integrating the hardware and software before I cut my first part.

Computer: Mach 4 (2336, Licensed) / Windows 7 on Apple Bootcamp / CAD|CAM=Solidworks (Educational license) & HSM Express, Rhino5 (Ed. license)

   Notes: Solidworks offer's Veteran and Educational licenses. Albeit, they have to be renewed yearly, it is discounted to the point that it is really worth it. Plus after renewal you will have the updated version and training on industry standard CAD software. HSM Express is free for licensed Solidworks which provides 2 and 2.5d machining paths with adaptive clearing and other outstanding functions. For 3d milling, MeshCAM would probably be my choice, but I have to learn the basics first. I am considering G-Wizard and NFS Mill Wizard for conversational CNC but I don't want to pay for duplicate functionality that may be offered in Solidworks.

Controller Box: PMDX-410 (Ver 0.25.111) / GeckoG540 (heatsink & MOSFET thermal padding) / PSU 48v,12a / 2 x Digital Relays / 2 x cooling fans, 1 x exhaust fan

   Notes: The G540 never reaches above 105deg. G540 inputs 2,3,4 set to proximity sensors for homing (x,y,z). PMDX-410 inputs pin 'A'=digital probe / tool setter input, pin 'B'= a-axis homing sensor input. All axis home concurrently. G540 output 1=spindle on/off, output 2=mist on/off. Still have the capability left for VFD and an additional input! For those who may be interested in installing thermal padding on their G540 -

Mill: Taig 2019CR-ER Micro-mill (1/4hp ac motor, 10,000 rpm max, ER-16 collet), Fogbuster (1/2gal, dual line, Solenoid), Nema 23 Stepper motors (300 oz., 3.5a, 2.4mh induct.), Air Compressor: CAT-2012ALFC (1.2 hp, 2 gallon Aluminum Tank 6.00 cfm @ 40 psi 3.80 cfm @ 90 psi 60 Decibels)

    Notes: The Taig micro mill has very limited travel. This is okay for my purpose of learning. The Fogbuster is built well. I expect it will perform well for chip evacuation, cooling, and lubrication (w/ Rustlick ws-5050). The air compressor keeps the dual line stable at 15psi on the Fogbuster but is on a continuous duty cycle for which the air compressor is not built for (rated for 50/50 duty cycle). Going to try an external 10gal tank to see if I can achieve a 50/50 duty cycle. The air compressor is a California Air Tools brand. It is important to note that the quality of these air compressors lies in their "Industrial" models, not the regular models. The Stepper motors were running at 185 degrees. A simple 1k ohm resistor (pins 1-5 on motor cable input to G540) dropped the temp down to an operating temp of 100-115deg on all motors. The mill and controller box now run very cool to the touch. (Tested on continuous cycle for 60min).


-login to see attached pictures. thanx

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Re: System Success
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 11:23:32 AM »
Nice, that looks like a really good setup.