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PMDX = Quality
« on: June 21, 2015, 11:11:05 AM »
This is a shout-out for PMDX by a new, very happy customer. I am still new to CNC but experienced in 3D-Printing, Micro-controllers like Arduino and Robotics, so I've seen my share of motor controllers - I've seen a few badly-packaged controllers and even one that works on an Arduino.  Finally I have found a company that makes a truly-quality product for my custom-CNC setup in PMDX!

I just received my package with PMDX-340, 5 limit switches, NPN proximity switch as well as PMDX-104 output and PMDX-105 input boards - and right out of the box I could tell that these were quality-made and engineered components. From the packaging to the electronics used inside to the ease of first-time setup for testing, I'm pleasantly impressed already. I can tell that I'm going to have alot of fun finishing this machine, it only took me about 20 minutes to get my Nema-23's connected-to the PMDX-340, and the 340 connected to a PMDX-422. From there I was able to load-up Mach4 and test-jog all 4 of the Axis without a hitch.

I'm a big fan of documentation as I've done that alot for my job, and at first I was worried as the manuals for the PMDX products are not huge - so I printed them out and bound-them in binders before the products arrived. When I read through them to get my system up and running after the hardware arrived, I found the manuals intuitive and not over-heavy - everything but the PMDX-407 worked in Mach4 without any special configuration, and I was able to set my motor Amps to 2.8 via the dip-switches on the PMDX-340 in about 5 minutes. :)
I'll post more questions and feedback as the build proceeds. I just wanted to share my thoughts about how nice the PMDX-340 is from a customer (and newbie) viewpoint - it has taken the fear of uncertainty out of me about finishing a custom CNC-machine.