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Please bear with me.... bit of a newb when it comes to all this...  I have a  PMDX-107 + PMDX-126 + ESS connected to Huanyang HY02D223B.

The test button on PMDX-107 starts the spindle turning and gives me 10.5v on 1st press and 3.47 on 2nd(on pins 1->2.) The VFD/Spindle goes to 400(max speed) regardless of voltage.
Can someone put me on the right path??? I don't mind reading but cant seem to find a good primer or anything related to my specific issue.

After reading what others have done I setup everything as follows:

PMDX-107 to VFD
Pin 6 - Rev/Dir - REV
Pin 5 - Fwd/Run - FOR
Pin 4 - COM - DCM
Pin 3 - Not used
Pin 2 - Aout - VI
Pin 1 - Agnd - ACM

PMDX-107  Config settings (dip switches)
Config 1 = Off (Normal Mode)
Config 2 = Off (Normal Mode)
Config 3 = Off
Config 4 = Off (charge pump signal required)
Slow = Off
5v/10v = Off (10v reference)
PMDX-126 Settings
Config 1 = Open
Config 2 = Closed
Config 3 = Closed
Config 4 = Closed
Config 5 = Closed
Config 6 = Closed
Config 7 = Closed
Config 8 = Closed

Changed PD001 Source of Run Commands to '1'
If PD002 is set to 0 unit runs at 400, if set to 1 it goes to minimum (119.9)
Changed PD005 Max operating frequency to 400hz
Changed PD004 base frequency to 400hz
Changed PD003 Main frequency to 400hz
Changed PD006 Intermediate frequency to 2.5
Changed PD008 max voltage to 220v
Changed PD009 Intermediate voltage to 15v
Changed PD010 Min voltage to 8
Changed PD011 frequency lower limit to >119.9hz (so I can see when it is just delivering Minimum)
Changed PD142 rated motor current to 11

Steve Stallings

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These VFDs have an infuriating number of poorly documented settings.

Here are some that may have gotten you in trouble.

PD002     Set to 0 should allow speed control from the front of the VFD
                Set to 1 should control speed from analog input, as scaled
                by other PD parameters, and limited by still others. These
                limits are why you get the 119.9 lower speed limit. It is likely
                that the scaled speed request evaluates to something less
                but the limit kicks it up to 119.9

PD070     Analog input - set to 0 for a range of 0-10 VDC

PD072     Higher Analog Frequency -  set to integer frequency, in your case 400
                      If this is set to 60 Hz then the scaled evaluation cannot exceed
                      60 Hz and the lower limit will kick in resulting in 119.9 Hz

PD073     Lower Analog Frequency - set to 0 This affects how speed is computed
                      internally to the VFD, but it is not what actually prevents low
                      speed operation, the limit does that

Steve Stallings


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Thank you so much for responding.  Just the fact that there is someone who will take the time to assist is encouraging. I will use your suggestions and let you know how it goes.  Thanks again!


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PD072     <- That was it!  One setting. I had all the Mach3 settings correct and the moment I told the spindle to hit a target, it worked.  Now I can breath, stop striking my head against the wall and start cutting at proper speeds!  Thank you so much!