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How we plan to run this board
« on: September 14, 2014, 07:31:05 PM »
The PMDX Tech Support and Users Forum is intended to help improve our products and your experience with them.

Please do ask questions and provide answers about PMDX products in the proper sections of this forum.

Please do not discuss politics, religion, and other off topic subjects.

Please treat everyone with respect. Disagreeing with someone on the basis of matters related to building CNC systems is fine. Attacking someone personally because you disagree with them is not permitted on this forum.

This forum will be monitored by PMDX. Posts may be moved to keep them in the relevant section of the forum or may have supplemental comments added to alert readers to technical corrections. Posts that violate the rules about off topic subjects and personal attacks will be removed.

We may from time to time create temporary boards while testing products or forum ideas. These boards may be deleted when their purpose has been served.

Please do not use private messages to the administrator to request technical support. The purpose of a forum is to share information and private messages defeat that purpose. There are hundreds of people on this forum who may be able to answer your question if you share it here.

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