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PMDX has released a new plugin that fixes a problem that
has plagued our users for a while. It did not affect all
systems, but did affect many of them. The source of the
problem was the PMDX plugin trying to use the Mach4 API
before Mach4 was done initializing. This could result in
machine.ini files being corrupted any time the PMDX plugin
was in the plug-ins folder under \Mach4Hobby\Plugins. This
problem could happen even if the SmartBOB was not selected
for use in the profile you were running because Mach4 asks
all plugins that are present to run their initialization
code so that Mach4 can populate the selection menus with
all the plugins that are available.

The most noticeable symptom of the problem would be altered
screen colors, but other more subtle configuration problems
could result because uninitialized data was getting written
to the machine.ini file.

If the toolpath area of your screen has a mustard color
background instead of the default blue background, then you
have been affected by this problem.

Remember that this issue could affect even profiles that did
not use the SmartBOB, and that the changes remain in the
machine.ini file even if you had subsequently removed the
PMDX SmartBOB plugin.

You should update your PMDX SmartBOB plugin, even if you
are not using it, so that future corruptions do not happen.
The updated plugin is version 0.52.254 and is available here:

It is best to rebuild your profile from freshly installed
sample profiles from PMDX and Mach4 defaults. This assures
that you have a clean machine.ini file. You can safely look
at old profiles after the new plugin is loaded, but do not
use them to copy and create a new profile.

If you are still running a profile with the default name,
such as Mach4Mill or PMDX-Sample, you should use the
Mach4Loader to make a safe copy of it before reinstalling.
This will allow you to have a reference to look at to find
your old settings.

To do this start the Mach4Loader, highlight the profile that
you are using, and click on the COPY button. Provide a
new name such as MySavedProfile in the box for the profile
name and then where it asks for screen set, click on the
button with three dots and select the screen set that you
were using, typically wx4.set is you were using a sample.
Then click on OK to save the profile under the new name.
Now the newly saved profile will not be overwritten when
you reinstall Mach4 and you can start it any time by using
Mach4Loader and highlighting the name and clicking OK.
Because you have installed the updated PMDX-SmartBOB
plug-in there is no risk in opening old corrupted profiles.

In order to be sure that you have known good profiles to copy from
when building new profiles you will need to remove the old PMDX
sample profiles and reinstall both Mach4 and the PMDX SmartBOB
plugin. The PMDX SmartBOB installer will not overwrite existing
PMDX samples, so you must delete the "PMDX-Sample" and the
"PMDX-424-Sample" profile before reinstalling the PMDX SmartBOB

You can do this by deleting their folders from the \Mach4Hobby\Profiles folder,
or by using the Mach4Loader icon, highlight the profile to be
removed and click on the Delete button.

Both Mach4Hobby and the PMDX-SmartBOB plugin can be installed
over your existing ones without un-installing (other than the
old PMDX sample profiles mentioned above). Other custom profiles
will not be overwritten during the installs. Both Mach4Hobby and
the PMDX SmartBOB plugin offer standard Windows un-installers if
you choose to run them.

We apologize for the trouble and confusion this may have caused
for you. It sure caused us plenty.

Steve Stallings
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