Author Topic: Pmdx 126, 107, 2-133, and ess and mach 4  (Read 202 times)


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Re: Pmdx 126, 107, 2-133, and ess and mach 4
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Go as simple as possible until you get Mach4/ESS/PMDX-126 reading inputs and controlling outputs.  So skip the PNP switches for now.  Use a wire to ground the input (if you are testing inputs).  And ignore the PMDX-107 for now.

(1) When you are trying to jog motors from Mach4, is the "Outputs Enabled" LED on the PMDX-126 on or off?  If the "Outputs Enabled" LED is off, then none of the PMDX-126 outputs will work.  See my next question.

(2) How do you have the DIP switches on the PMDX-126 configured?  The most basic configuration is with all switches "closed", or switched/pressed towards the "Config 1", "Config 2" silkscreen text.  This is "normal mode without charge pump".