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PMDX Support for gantry squaring
« on: May 31, 2021, 03:01:38 AM »
Hi Folks,

I'm finalising my new build and have added in home switches as well as limit switches on both of my Y axis (slaved motors).
This may have been a waste of time given what I have discovered now I want to actually use them.

The SmartBob-USB Mach4 plugin Version 0.53.263 release notes clearly states:

(2.5) Known Issues:
Does not (yet) support "gantry squaring" during homing using one home switch for each motor on a tandem axis

So, given release 0.53.263 came out over 2 years ago and there hasn't been one since, I was wondering if it ever will?
The only ref I can find in the forums is from 2015!

Of note, is that I have a PMDX-422 and release 0.53.263 actually completely stuffs up the 422.
The limit switches don't operate correctly and the 4th axis (A) doesn't ever work.
I have to back down to release 0.52.254 from 2017 to get things working so it's now 5 years old.

I totally get that the 422 is getting on a bit in age.
If PMDX release a new board that supports gantry squaring I'll buy it.