Author Topic: PMDX-126 CNC Plasma Mach4. I need to bring in Analog or an ADC signal into mach  (Read 415 times)


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Greetings smarter people than me.  I have my homemade design machine setup and working great on the xyz axis with limit switches and homes all working.  I've moved into my next phase of my build to add my Miller Spectrum 875 plasma torch (machine torch 1 to 3 phase) to the mix. I purchased a machine torch and the cabling to have Mach4 get ready and start the arc.  I want to use the torch height controls in Mach4 but I'd need to input a signal either analog from my voltage divider circuit or digital (converted to 8bits to match PMDX126.  Is there a specific input pin I should use for this? I thought about testing the inputs with a small rotary encoder if I could see the incremental changes on that, I'd add the divided voltage inputs.  Any thoughts recommendations?  I don't think a THC unit is necessary if I divide the voltage and covert it to 8bit digital.  Very little information on this area.  I'm using PMDX-126 and ESS.  I also have a PMDX107 I could add as well ( they appear to all be outputs from the docs).  I have read all of MACH4's details of adding my torch as a motor etc.  The issue is their docs assume the board has an analog divided or not input.  Thanks in advance for any help.