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picture of Parallel Port Interface Card for PCI BUS (Mach and G540 compatible)


Parallel Port Interface Card for PCI BUS (Mach and G540 compatible)

Photo of a Parallel Port PCI adapter card 
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  • This adapter card goes into a PCI slot in the host computer and provides one DB-25 parallel port.
  • It is designed for a 5 volt 32 bit PCI slot (the most common type) and will output 5 volt signals to the parallel port pins.
  • Has a female DB-25 is on the plug in card bracket. 
  • Alternate bracket is provided for short height enclosures that require low profile cards.
  • PMDX has custom modified this card to be compatible with the G540. It is also compatible with all PMDX products and with most conventional breakout boards. The Geckodrive G540 charge pump signal will work with this card without having to set EPP mode. The G540 normally requires the port to be in EPP mode and most PCI bus cards (unlike motherboard parallel ports) cannot be forced into EPP mode. 
  • This card is tested and known to work with bi-directional modes so that pins 2-9 of the second parallel port can be used as inputs with Mach software.
  • OS system drivers are provided for Windows 2K, WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, and most Linux systems. Drivers for DOS are not available for this card. The OS drivers for PCI bus cards will set up PCI port addresses based on your system. You will need to use Windows or Linux to tell you what address was used. Keep in mind that the parallel port driver that is part of Mach software will only run on 32 bit versions of Windows 7 and earlier. Mach cannot drive a parallel port from Windows 8, 10, or from any 64 bit version of Windows. 
  • This board is not recommended for use with EMC2 software under Linux when driving products from MESA Electronics, PICO Systems, or others that require EPP handshaking modes.

The PMDX-1PARPCI is priced at $44.00

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