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NOW SHIPPING - PMDX-422 Motion Controller and MACH4Hobby

PMDX-422 SmartBOB-USB with Mach4

PMDX is an authorized distributor for Mach4Hobby licenses
Click here to buy Mach4 software license without PMDX-422


PMDX-340 table top CNC Machine Controller

PMDX-340 CNC Machine Controller


New products recently released, now shipping.


PMDX-179 panel

PMDX-179-PAN remote status panel
works with PMDX-126, also available as PCB only



8 Channel Relay Output Card

PMDX-109 Eight Channel Relay Output Card
Can be used from any parallel port or SmoothStepper port
Can share a parallel port with second port of a PMDX-126


PMDX now sells accessories and parts for your machines.

Standard EStop Switch Mini EStop Switch Contactors
Standard E-Stop switch


Mini E-Stop switch




Limit/Home switch Proximity Sensor Plug&Jack Connectors
Mechanical Limit switch Proximity sensor 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-Pin Plug & Jack connectors