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Model PMDX-340

4 Axis CNC Machine Controller Box for Stepper Motors

Discontinued due to supply chain issues.

PMDX-340 CNC Machine Controller - front view

PMDX-340 front view 
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PMDX-340 CNC Machine Controller - rear view

PMDX-340 rear view
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The PMDX-340 is a fully self-contained motion controller box for small to medium sized CNC machines.

  • Compact controller optimized of ease of integration into a user's CNC machine. Approximately 10" x 8" x3" overall size.
  • Suitable for most table top routers, and CNC conversions of mills and lathes by Sherline, Taig, Seig (mini and micro series), and Little Machine Shop.
  • Easy setup using rear panel DIP switches and removable-plug style screw terminal blocks for connections. No soldering required, internal jumpers to set, or potentiometers to adjust.
  • Motor outputs and I/O signals protected against short circuits and against failures due to connecting or disconnecting while power is applied.
  • Connects to any host using a parallel port or using the PMDX-411 step pulse generator to connect to Mach4 via the USB bus.
  • Front panel latching E-Stop button and rear terminal block normally-closed contacts provide a failsafe E-Stop function that stops motors, turns off the AC outlet and all control signal outputs.
  • Operates directly from 120 VAC mains power using internal power supply.
  • Power entry module provides for a detachable IEC style power cord, power switch, power line noise filtering, and fuses.
  • Supports 4 bipolar stepper motors running with up to 3 amperes current each. Recommended for NEMA23 or NEMA17 motors.
  • Stepper motor supply voltage is nominally 32 volts, resulting in faster motor speeds than similar systems that use 24 volts.
  • Utilizes micro-stepping at 4, 8, 16, or 32 micro-steps as selected by DIP switches
  • Motor current can be set from 0.8 amperes to 3.0 amperes in 0.2 ampere increments using DIP switches. No potentiometer adjustments are required.
  • Motor current can be set to reduce automatically when motors are idle so that motors run cooler when not moving.
  • Thermal management monitors driver temperature, enclosure temperature, and fan rotation. 
  • Multi-speed cooling fan responds to actual cooling needs. 
  • Designed for operation between 40 degrees and 100 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature.
  • Supports "Charge Pump" monitoring to lock out motion if the CNC software is not in control of system. This monitoring can be configured to be enabled or disabled as desired.
  • LED indicators on front panel show status of Power On, E-Stop, Outputs Enabled,  Step Signal Activity, Status, Probe, and AC Outlet on.
  • Status indicator blinks codes to for fault determination or to indicate reduced current operation.
  • All signals in and out are terminated and filtered to help resist noise problems.
  • E-Stop inputs, Faults, and "Charge Pump" timeouts turn off all outputs without assistance from host software.
  • Provides one 6 ampere rated switched AC outlet for spindle control or auxiliary functions.
  • Provides inputs for external E-Stop loop and 4 additional sensors for home, limits, probing, or other functions.
  • Provides logic level outputs for 2 additional outputs to drive solid state relays or other accessories.
  • +12 VDC is available for powering proximity sensors and small relays.
  • Probe input available on terminal block plug and via a miniature phone jack.
  • Probe input jack can be configured for normally closed (Wildhorse mode) or normally open for cutter touch-off and probes with electronic interfaces presenting NPN outputs.
  • Probe jack and the terminal block probe input can be merged into a single signal on pin 15 to allow Mach3 to use both a digitizing probe and cutter touch-off on the same machine setup.
  • Status sensor inputs work with mechanical switches, NPN sensors, and 3.3 or 5 volt logic signals without need for external resistors or jumper settings.
  • Built in test for turning motors without need of a host computer.

Note: The step and direction signals used to run this board as a real time CNC device require precise timing. These signals are normally provided by a personal computer motherboard with an onboard parallel port, a parallel port interface card plugged into a motherboard with ISA, PCI, or PCI-Express slots, or by an external device such as the PMDX-410, PMDX-411 or PMDX-422 with Mach4, or the SmoothStepper. You cannot use a USB to printer adapter because it will alter critical timing of CNC control signals. Laptop computers, even those with parallel port interfaces, are not recommended as CNC control computers due to design features that can alter critical timing. If you must use a laptop be prepared to deal with these design issues and/or plan on using an external pulse generating device such as the PMDX-410, PMDX-411 or PMDX-422 with Mach4, or a SmoothStepper.

User's Manual Coming Soon

Download a Quick Start guide here
(revision 1.0, 5 Aug 2013, 893 KB)

Download the Mach3 XML profile here.

The PMDX-340 is priced at $387.00

Cables are sold separately, if you need a parallel port cable, please order here.
Spare/Extra motor plugs are available here.
Spare/Extra Input/Output plugs are available here.
(One set of Motor plugs and Input/Output plugs is included with basic unit.)


Discontinued due to supply chain issues.

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