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Model PMDX-MPG-01

Manual Pulse Generator


PMDX-MPG-01 Manual Pulse Generator

Manual Pulse Generator
Top view

PMDX-MPG-01 Manual Pulse Generator

Manual Pulse Generator
Bottom view

The PMDX-MPG-01 is a quadrature encoded manual pulse generator

  • Optical sensor for bounce free pulse generation
  • 100 pulses per revolution / 400 counts per revolution using quadrature decoding
  • 100 mechanical detents per revolution, 4 counts per detent
  • 61 millimeter outside diameter
  • Shallow depth, only 10 mm clearance needed behind panel
  • Operates from 5 volts DC at 100 mA maximum
  • Outputs are 5 volt totem pole logic signals, no pull-ups needed
  • Outputs can be used single ended or differential
  • Screw terminals for easy connections
  • Spinner knob for quick turning of dial
  • Mounts through a 44 millimeter hole
  • Secured by 3 millimeter studs on a 50.8 millimeter diameter bolt circle

The PMDX-MPG-01 is priced at $63.00

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