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Model PMDX-4Pin-Inline-Jack


picture of PMDX-4Pin-Inline-Jack 4 pin connector

4-Pin Inline Jack with Shield

The PMDX-4Pin-Inline-Jack is a 4 pin connector with metal shield.

This connector is ideal for building extension cables for stepper motors, and other applications that need 4 conductors. This inline jack mates with the inline plug from our PMDX-4Pin-Plug&Jack set.

  • Sold as inline jack without plug (edit quantity in shopping cart for more than one jack)
  • Metal body is rugged and shielded
  • Inline jack body has clamp at cable exit
  • Screw on threads assure that plug and jack stay mated
  • Works with cable diameter up to 0.275" maximum
  • 4 power pins, plus conductive metal body for shielding
  • Pins are rated for 100 volts and 10 amperes
  • Solder cup connections for up to 16 gauge wire

The PMDX-4Pin-Inline-Jack is priced at $9.00 each jack

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