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Model PMDX-LineFilter-20D


picture of PMDX-LineFilter-20D_400.jpg

Dual-stage Line Filter for AC Mains Power

The PMDX-LineFilter-20D is a dual stage line filter for AC mains power.

  • Helps prevent noise on the mains power from affecting items powered after the filter
    (Note: This filter is not suitable for use between a VFD and a spindle motor)
  • Rated for up to 20 amperes at 115 VAC
  • Rated for up to 16 amperes at 250 VAC
  • Less than 1 mA leakage current through filter to ground at 60 Hz
  • Fast-on connections can use push on connectors or can be soldered
  • Dual stage for good isolation of both common mode and differential mode noise

        frequency of noise                   50 kHz   100 kHz   500 kHz   1 MHz   5 MHz   10 MHz   30 MHz
        common mode attenuation      10 dB       15 dB      30 dB      60 dB    60 dB    60 dB     55 dB
        differential mode attenuation    3 dB        20 dB      55 dB      55 dB    60 dB    50 dB     45 dB

  • Fast-on connections can use push on connectors or can be soldered
  • Requires 4.25" by 5.5" footprint area for mounting
  • Flanges with four holes for chassis mounting
  • Mounting holes are 2.0" apart on each flange, and 3.75" from flange to flange
  • Must be mounted on and electrically connected to a metal enclosure that is connected to the mains power safety ground

The PMDX-LineFilter-20D is priced at $37.00 each.

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