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PMDX-106 Spindle Control Interface

Model PMDX-106

Spindle Control Interface


PMDX-106-OP version with Operator Panel manual speed set pot,
direction switch, and LED's

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The PMDX-106 is no longer in production and no stock is available. It is only possible to special order batches of 10 or more. OEMs with special requirements should contact us via email for price and availability quotations.

The PMDX-106 is an interface for allowing CNC controller software to manage a machine tool spindle. The PMDX-106 does not itself provide or directly switch the motor power, rather it provides an interface between the computer and the Variable Speed Driver or Variable Frequency Driver that powers the motor.

  • Works with any system that can supply Direction and PWM as logic level signals. Operation with a PMDX-120 will require using one axis of step and direction as the Direction and PWM signals because the extra control signals on a PMDX-120 are relay output only.
  • Sets spindle speed using PWM from CNC control software
  • Uses PWM signal for both speed, and On/Off (absense of pulses stops motor)
  • Works with 0-5 volt, 0-10 volt, and potentiometer interfaces to motor driver or VFD
  • Provides two dry contact relays for Forward and Reverse -OR alternatively - Run and Direction
  • Provides switching from automatic to manual operation
  • Provides screw terminal strips for all connections
  • Can also connect to a PMDX-125, PMDX-126, PMDX-131, or PMDX-132 using 10 pin ribbon cable (available separately)
  • Fully isolated interface can be used with non-isolating VFD's and motor drivers
  • Operates from a single low voltage power supply or receives power from PMDX-125, PMDX-126, PMDX-131, or PMDX-132
  • Provides switchable filter to limit speed ramp rate for sensitive motor drivers, reduces probability of blown fuses
  • Provides safety interlock for "charge pump" monitor and missing PWM
  • Provides test button, min-speed pot, and max-speed pot on board for calibration
  • Available with (PMDX-106-OP) or without (PMDX-106) board mounted pot, switches, and indicators

         The PMDX-106-OP is intended for mounting directly behind the control panel with the pot shaft, direction switch, and mode LED's protruding through holes in the panel. This type of installation is suitable where the panel is not exposed to harsh environments.

         The PMDX-106 standard version is designed to have an external pot, switches, and LED's connected by wiring to the screw terminals. This allows ruggedized panel components to be remotely located.

         The PMDX-106-OP can also be used with remote panel components by setting a dip switch on the board.

Download the full manual in PDF format here (revision 0.3, 794 KB).