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What our customers say about PMDX

A collection of forum comments and email quotes from our customers.

native34 -- "I wish i knew then what i know now. I would have went with someone who cares about customer support like the guys at PMDX. These guys don't have a horse in this race but have been more than willing to help me get this sorted out as much as they can. For that fellas you have earned my future business.",32174.msg224086.html#msg224086

pedio -- "I can highly recommend PMDX. They have outstanding after sale support.",31298.msg217112.html#msg217112

Contract Pilot -- "PMDX-126 all the way! Steve has awesome support!",30792.msg213737.html#msg213737

$cott -- "Thank you for the information you provided it was very good of you and shows the ethics of you and your company.",30183.msg209703.html#msg209703

Fastest1 -- "PMDX makes some wonderfully robust boards.",18214.msg217835.html#msg217835

Don Clifton -- "Can't Beat any of the PMDX products, been using them for years."

John Dammeyer -- "I use a PMDX-125 which has since been replaced by the PMDX-126. I have still had support many years later when I had a problem with the PMDX-125.

Ron Ginger -- "You could also buy a USBsmartBOB from That has been out for a while and works well, and gets GREAT support from Steve Stallings. We used them in the recent mini millbuild class at the CNC workshop.

Techsavvy34 -- "Thanks for all your help Bob & Steve.  I really appreciate it.  I finally have my big mill up and running and you guy's have provided excellent support to me when I needed it."

Doddjn -- "Your support is great! Thank you for your help directly and the q&a from others on the forum."

zkmiller -- "I want to express my gratitude for the your patience and support in getting my issue resolved. I really like your products and especially your support."