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PMDX Software/Firmware for Mach4 users

Mach4 Hobby Archive

PMDX Software Downloads for Mach3 users

PMDX-125/126 Mach3 Plug-In


This plug-in is NOT needed (and should not be used) if you are:
  • using one parallel port and have enough inputs and outputs (i.e. using the PMDX-125 or PMDX-126 in a "standard" mode)
  • are using two parallel ports (for example, the PMDX-2PARPCI)
  • are using a SmoothStepper or other USB or Ethernet controller
You should only install the plug-in if you:
  • need to use a single parallel port
  • and need more input and/or output signals than are available on a single parallel port (12 outputs and 5 inputs)

NOTE: This new version of the PMDX-125/126 Mach3 plug-in supports the PMDX-125 and PMDX-126
in Expanded Input mode.

WARNING:  "Expanded Output" and "Expanded I/O" modes are NO LONGER SUPPORTED!

They may work on some combinations of PCs and Windows operating systems, but we cannot

guarantee this and we cannot support attempts to get them working. The plug-in still allows these

modes for people who already have a setup that works and need to re-install the plug-in.

"Expanded Input" mode does work with any PC and Windows OS that supports Mach3, and we do provide support for this mode.


PMDX-145 Mach3 Plug-In

This plug-in allows the PMDX-145 connected to parallel port #2 to control Mach3 jogging functions.


PMDX-340 Mach3 Configuration XML

This Mach3 XML file contains a base-line configuration for controlling the PMDX-340 from Mach3. More details coming soon...

  • PMDX-340 Mach3 XML  - - Mach3 configuration (XML) file for the PMDX-340. Regular clicking on this link will only display the contents of the XML file with most browsers. To obtain a copy of the file, place your mouse pointer over the name and right click and select "Save Link As" in order to get a copy saved on your computer. Typically you will want to put this file into your  C:/Mach3 folder.
  • Release notes for PMDX-340 Mach3 XML file (coming soon) - describes the configuration contained in the XML file and how to update it for your machine. (PDF document, TBD KB).