Products for CNC and motion control applications since 1998.
Design, manufacturing, and support based in the USA.

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PMDX at Shows and Workshops

PMDX regularly has a booth to show our products at the Cabin Fever Expo model engineering show typically held in late January or early February in York, PA, USA and at the CNC Workshop typically held in June near Detroit, MI, USA. These shows are both great resources and lots of fun.

Information about the Cabin Fever Expo show can be found HERE.

Information about the CNC Workshop can be found HERE.

PMDX also hosts a CNC special interest sub-group of the Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society (CAMS). This group meets monthly in Lorton, VA, USA.

Information about CAMS can be found HERE.

CNC Workshop 2010

Left to right: Art Fenerty creator of Mach CNC control software, Roland Friestad 
who started the CNC Workshop shows, and Steve Stallings of PMDX.
Photo courtesy of Gordon Crago.


Cabin Fever 2011

View of PMDX booth at the show. We typically bring
a small mill for demo, samples of our products, and
printed manuals to look over.


Cabin Fever 2015

PMDX booth at the show. This year we had our new SmartBOB
products on display running our demo mini-mill with Mach4.