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PMDX-107 Isolated Speed Control

Model PMDX-107

Isolated Speed Control

PMDX-107 pictured as delivered

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PMDX-107 mounted on a PMDX-132




PMDX-107 shown installed on a PMDX-132.
Also mounts on a PMDX-126 in a similar manner.

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The PMDX-107 is a spindle speed control interface with isolated analog output for use with PMDX boards that support an option card interface.

  • Used as a daughter board on the PMDX-131, PMDX-132, PMDX-125, PMDX-126, and on future boards with a PMDX option connector (Not intended for use with boards that do not have a 10-pin PMDX option connector. If you need a speed controller for use with the PMDX-122 or third party boards, please see the PMDX-106.)
  • Has on board inverter to supply isolated power to interfaces, no extra power sources needed
  • Sets spindle speed using PWM from CNC control software
  • Works with any system that can supply a 25 Hz to 1 KHz PWM signal. 
  • Needs fewer signals because PWM signal is used for both speed, and On/Off (absence of pulses stops motor) 
  • Works with 5 volt analog inputs, 10 volt analog inputs, and most potentiometer interfaces up to 15 volts
  • Provides isolated solid state switch to turn spindle on and off via VFD control inputs or a small relay
  • Provides isolated solid state switch to control direction via VFD control inputs or a small relay
  • Can be configured for VFDs that accept Forward and Reverse commands or Run and Direction commands
  • Can remotely control the high current relay on PMDX-125 or PMDX-126 where mains switching must be used for safe spindle run/stop control, e.g. DC motor controllers like the KBIC series used by Sherline.
  • Fully isolated interface can be used with non-isolating VFD's and motor drivers
  • Operates from a single 5 volt power supply and receives its power from option jack on PMDX boards
  • Provides switchable filter to limit speed ramp rate for sensitive motor drivers, reduces probability of blown fuses
  • Provides safety interlock for "charge pump OK" input monitoring and detection of missing PWM
  • Provides speed calibration pot for setting maximum speed
  • Has push button for self test and calibration modes
  • LED's for POWER, Status, PWM active, FWD/Run, and REV/Dir.
  • Manual run/stop, speed, and direction control are possible using an external pot, relays, and/or switches

Download the manual in PDF format here
(revision 1.2, 232 KB, 24 Sep 2012).

The PMDX-107 is priced at $57.00


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