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General Support

Please use the links under "General Information" in the upper left side menu to obtain user manuals, application notes, and downloadable software drivers and configuration files.

PMDX also operates a web forum for support and user interaction. Visit our forum HERE.

Assistance by eMail and telephone

We provide eMail and telephone support for customers who purchase software or hardware from PMDX. This includes hardware items purchased from authorized resellers or purchased used. Software support is provided only for direct purchasers. If you purchased your software from another source, please seek support from the organization that sold it to you. Support is our most significant expense and we cannot provide it free for products from sellers whose only value added is a discounted price.

Please send your questions to for assistance. While we do read many of the on-line forums, we do not do so daily and can offer quicker response if you e-mail us directly. Be sure to include a description of your problem or question, the model number of the PMDX product, and the serial number if you are inquiring about warranty support. If you wish to return an item for repair, please request an RMA number for tracking. When returning products for support, please print out any relevant e-mail correspondence and include it with your returned product.

E-mail is the preferred method of contact because it does not rely on catching a particular person in the office and automatically provides a reliable record of your query and a method of responding to the correct party. We do realize that sometimes the situation is too involved for description in an e-mail. If you feel you need to reach us by telephone, fax, or postal mail; please see our contact information page. Preceding your call with an email containing links to manuals for components you are connecting to our boards is recommended. 

Telephone support is available to both existing and potential customers, but there is no guarantee that the appropriate person will be in the office when you call. Recommended times for support calls is 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern time. In keeping with our goal of supplying products at the lowest practical prices, we do not offer to return support calls to international callers.

Customers who have questions about configuring their software may be asked to e-mail us with their configuration files attached so that we can verify them. For Mach users this will be the XML file from their Mach folder that has the name which matches the configuration that they are actually running. EMC users can send HAL files.

Design Support

PMDX will provide design assistance in the form of answering questions about how to use PMDX board features.

It is not practical for us to create drawings for each customer's machine, but we will review and comment on drawings that our customers supply to us. Please send your request as an email with your drawing attached as a PDF file, an AutoCAD dxf file, or as a clear JPEG or bit mapped image file. Native drawing files from CAD systems other than AutoCAD are not recommended. Also provide links to manuals for drivers, etc. that are used in your design. We will respond with suggestions or questions as needed.

Other than the drawings included in our Application Notes or in our manuals, we do not provide schematics for wiring your machine. Our customers have hundreds of different types of machines using motors, drivers, sensors, etc. from dozens of vendors, including surplus. 

If you need more hands on support, we recommend contacting one of the firms listed here: