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PMDX-112 Parallel Port Electrical Simulator and Tester

Model PMDX-112

Parallel Port Electrical Simulator & Tester (PPEST)

Servo motor and power pack not pictured.


Accessory for designing, debugging, and testing parallel port devices.

  • Buffered LEDs to monitor all 17 active parallel port signals
  • Centronics, DB-25 female, and ribbon cable interfaces
  • Impedance protection when two devices fight to drive the same signal
  • Two edge/pulse detectors that can monitor any of the 17 signals
  • Pin 17 drives a charge pump monitor/simulator
  • Each signal can be passively pulled-up to logic "1" (also serves as monitor mode), or be driven to a logic "0", or be connected to the on board pulse generator.
  • Pulse generator enable button can generate a single positive pulse, a single negative pulse, or a burst of pulses. Burst frequency has three ranges covering 3 Hz to 6KHz with a variable control within each range.
  • On board encoder/MPG with 96 counts per revolution.
  • On board stepper motor and driver. Full or quarter step modes.
  • Optional H-bridge servo driver and small external motor/encoder.
  • Terminal strips for external encoder/MPG, stepper, and servo motors
  • Includes external 120 VAC power pack or can run from 12 VDC .
  • Prototype area equipped with solder pad array and regulated +5 VDC
  • Also works as an excellent platform for training and experimentation.

Note: To offer this product, PMDX is taking advantage of the availability of surplus parts including the motors. We cannot guarantee long term availability of these parts. If and when we must source different parts we may have to change price or description of this item. Changes will not be made without notice on any pending orders.

Note: The step and direction signals used to run this board as a real time CNC device require precise timing. These signals are normally provided by a personal computer motherboard with an onboard parallel port, a parallel port interface card plugged into a motherboard with ISA, PCI, or PCI-Express slots, or by an external device such as the PMDX-410, PMDX-411 or PMDX-422 with Mach4, or the SmoothStepper. You cannot use a USB to printer adapter because it will alter critical timing of CNC control signals.

Download the full manual in PDF format here (974K).

The PMDX-112 is no longer in regular production. If you are interested
in an OEM quantity of 10 or more units please contact us.

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