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Model PMDX-VFD-Choke


picture of PMDX-LineFilter-20D_400.jpg

Ferrite Ring common-mode-choke for use with VFDs

The PMDX-VFD-Choke helps suppress switching noise on the VFD output.

  • Large ferrite ring allows you to loop the spindle power cable through it several times
  • Acts as a common mode filter to decrease the amount of high edge rate noise radiated
  • Current rating limited only by the cable that you can pass through it
  • If using individual wires, all wires must loop through the same ring, the same number of times
  • Multiple devices cannot share the same ring, use one ring for each cable
  • Center hole is 1-3/8 inches in diameter
  • The ring should be placed as near the VFD as practical
  • You do not need a ring at the spindle end of the cable
  • The cable should be shielded, with the shield connected to the Earth ground on the VFD
  • Can also be used on the input power to the VFD to reduce the amount of  noise going back into the mains power

The PMDX-VFD-Choke is priced at $8.00 each.

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