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Model PMDX-145

Pendant Adapter Board for pins 2-9 of parallel port

This is a discontinued product. We recommend using USB pendants from instead.

PMDX-145 Pendant Adapter Board

Pendant adapter board
shown as delivered

PMDX-145 Pendant Adapter Board with Pendant

Shown with typical HEDSS style pendant
(pendant not included with PMDX-145)

Click on image for larger view


The PMDX-145 is an  input adapter board for interfacing a HEDSS pendant or similar units to pins 2-9 of the PC's parallel port. The pendant itself is not included with this item.

  • Designed to be used with a secondary PC parallel port (not supported with SmoothStepper or similar devices)
  • Provides pendant switch and MPG signals on the 8 data bits on pins 2 through 9 of the parallel port
  • Requires software that allows the data bits of the parallel port to be used as inputs. 
  • Mach3 support files are provided for HEDSS style pendants or user provided inputs with same pinout. HEDSS brand pendants are available from other vendors, including several that sell on eBay. Other pendants may have similar connector pin-outs, but we have only tested the HEDSS brand.
  • Converts multi-pole selector switches into encoded data so that fewer inputs are needed
  • Supports "enable" switch to prevent accidental movement
  • Support for two additional push buttons if building a custom pendant or modifying a HEDSS pendant
  • Port connections can be made via a 26 pin ribbon cable, or using on board DB-25 female connectors
  • Can be used stand-alone, or pass through connectors allow it to be connected between a host port and the PMDX-125 or PMDX-126 to supplement PMDX-125/126's second port
  • Provides normally closed relay contacts for E-Stop output to system
  • Provides normally open "Fault" output for connection to PMDX breakout boards, thus preserving the normally closed relay outputs for independent safety circuits that do not rely on the breakout board or software
  • Requires a single 5 volts DC power source for operation
  • Power can be supplied via a two pin terminal strip or from the ribbon cable connector from a daisy chained PMDX-125/126 breakout board 
  • On-board indicator LED for power
  • On-board indicator for E-Stop from pendant

Download the full manual in PDF format here
(revision 1.2, 17 Jul 2012, 197 KB)

Download the Mach3 Plug-In driver for the PMDX-145 here.

This item is no longer available.

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