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PMDX-407 Isolated Speed Control

Model PMDX-407

Isolated Basic Speed Control   $38.00

Regular PMDX-407 pictured as delivered for use with SmartBOB boards
Optional PMDX-407-S uses screw terminals instead of ribbon cable connectors

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PMDX-407 mounted on a PMDX-422




Regular PMDX-407 shown installed on a PMDX-422. Also mounts on a PMDX-410, PMDX-412, PMDX-414, PMDX-416, or PMDX-424 in a similar manner.

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The PMDX-407 is a basic spindle speed control interface with isolated analog output for use with PMDX SmartBOB-USB boards.

  • Regular version is used as a daughter board on the PMDX-410, PMDX-412, PMDX-414, PMDX-416, PMDX-422, and PMDX-424.
  • Logic power and PWM signal are provided via the daughter board connector.
  • Uses reference voltage from VFD or an external power supply as a source of isolated analog power
  • Sets spindle speed using PWM from CNC control software
  • Single signal interface uses PWM signal for both speed, and On/Off (absence of pulses stops motor) 
  • Works with analog interfaces that use 5 volts, 10 volts, or up to 15 volts
  • Provides isolated solid state switch to turn spindle on and off via VFD control inputs. a small relay, or some contactors such as the PMDX-ContactorMD20-120
  • Can work with the relay on a PMDX-422, PMDX-416,or PMDX-424 to provide direction control.
  • Fully isolated interface can be used with non-isolating VFD's and motor drivers
  • Provides speed calibration pot for setting maximum speed
  • LED's for PWM signal and RUN command.
  • Manual run/stop, speed, and direction control are possible using an external pot, relays, and/or switches
  • Optional stand alone version is available for freestanding operation with other breakout boards or for use with the PMDX-340.
  • Optional stand alone version works with any system that can supply a 100 Hz to 1 KHz PWM signal. 
  • Optional stand alone version has screw terminals for PWM input and 5 to 15 VDC power. It does not have the ribbon header connections.

Users Manual Pending

Quick Start Guide here
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The regular version of the PMDX-407 is priced at $38.00
For use with PMDX SmartBOB boards.

The stand alone version, PMDX-407-S is priced at $39.00
For discrete wire connections to PMDX-122, PMDX-340,
and products other than SmartBOB boards.


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