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PMDX-132 Breakout & Motherboard Combo for Gecko Stepper Drivers

Model PMDX-132

Breakout/Motherboard Combo
for Gecko Stepper Motor Drivers

Top image shows 3 Geckos installed. Board will support 4 drives directly.
Click on image for larger view

The PMDX-132 is now a legacy product and is only available as a special order item. Our remaining stock has been exhausted and there is now a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces in order for us to build more. Price and delivery time to be quoted upon request.

We recommend that you consider using a PMDX-126 and a PMDX-134 as an alternate solution. This offers more functions but is not a direct mechanical replacement. A ribbon cable such as the PMDX-HDR26Ribbon-18 is also needed to connect the PMDX-134 to the PMDX-126.


A description of the original PMDX-132 follows:


The PMDX-132 is a motion control breakout board for interfacing with the parallel port of an IBM-PC style computer. 

Those interested in the PMDX-132 may also wish to consider the PMDX-126 connected to a PMDX-134 by a PMDX-HDR26Ribbon cable for similar ease of wiring, but more features.

Features of the PMDX-132

  • Now supports G203V with common Ground for step and direction
  • Four jumpers to set "common" as +5 or Ground for each drive independently. You can mix drive types.
  • Mates directly with up to 4 Gecko brand STEPPER motor drivers by plugging onto terminal strip pins of the drives
  • Includes 6 nylon standoffs for mounting the PMDX-132 at the correct height
  • Supports G201, G201X, G202, G210, G210X, G212, G203V and G213V stepper motor drivers. It does NOT support the G250 or G251, nor any of the servo drivers. 
  • Provides 5 volt or Ground source and buffers signals as needed  to drive Gecko step and direction opto-isolators
  • Provides extra 470 uF capacitor and 5 ampere fuse for power to each drive
  • Provides opto-isolation for status inputs and outputs
  • Supports standard IEEE-1284 Centronics style printer cable for connection to PC.
  • Connection to PC can also be via a 26 pin ribbon cable which allows a remote DB-25 to be used
  • The 26 pin ribbon cable port also allows direct connection to compatible pulse generator boards like the SmoothStepper.
  • Provides LED status indicators on the 5 input and 4 output signals.
  • Provides two electromechanical relays for directly switching loads of up to 10 amperes
  • Supports a "charge pump" signal to inhibit outputs when the MACH software is not running.
  • Can be used with a PMDX-122 to provide extra control signals (PMDX-122 signals are not opto-isolated)
  • Inhibits outputs when E-Stop or Fault inputs are asserted.
  • Reports E-Stop to computer on loss of power, E-Stop loop open,  Fault input grounded, or printer cable disconnected
  • Status inputs have pull-ups to +5 volts and are filtered to suppress noise. They can be driven by 5 volt logic signals or will function directly with a switch contact to ground.
  • All I/O connections are made via wire clamp screw terminal strips. PMDX supplies new 4 position connectors for the stepper motors and the connectors removed from the Gecko drivers are reused as the I/O connectors of the PMDX-132.
  • Auxiliary +5 volt DC output available to power sensors such as the PMDX-170 and PMDX-171 sensors.
  • Interface powered from 120 VAC or 240 VAC. Separate DC supply required for motor drivers.
  • LED to indicate "outputs enabled" status so "charge pump" status can be seen.
  • Jumpers to control "charge pump" functionality, E-Stop behavior
  • Has 10 pin option connector to interface with and provide power to PMDX-106 or PMDX-107 spindle speed controllers

Breakout board feature comparison table

** Geckodrive, Inc. the maker of the Gecko stepper motor drives is a separate company from PMDX and is not responsible for the statements made on this web site or in other PMDX documents.

Note: The step and direction signals used to run this board as a real time CNC device require precise timing. These signals are normally provided by a personal computer motherboard with an onboard parallel port, a parallel port interface card plugged into a motherboard with ISA, PCI, or PCI-Express slots, or by an external device such as the SmoothStepper. You cannot use a USB to printer adapter because it will alter critical timing of CNC control signals. Laptop computers, even those with parallel port interfaces, are not recommended as CNC control computers due to design features that can alter critical timing. If you must use a laptop be prepared to deal with these design issues and/or plan on using an external pulse generating device such as the SmoothStepper.

Download the manual in PDF format here (revision 1.2, 500 KB).

The PMDX-132 is now a legacy product for special order only.

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