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PMDX-Panel-179 enclosure panel for remote status with PMDX-179 and switches

Model PMDX-179-PAN

Remote Status Panel with PMDX-179 and Switches

Machined and engraved plastic panel with PMDX-179 mounted from behind and LEDs passing through the panel. Includes E-Stop switch and Reset pushbutton.

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PMDX-179-INT remote status indicator board

Model PMDX-179-INT

Remote Status Indicator, Board Only

Standard version with 5mm LEDs on reverse side of the board for internal mounting directly behind the panel or wall of the control box with LEDs displayed through holes in the panel. This is the board used behind the panel in the PMDX-179-PAN shown above. The front side of this board is like the PMDX-179-EXT shown below except the LEDs are on the reverse side.

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PMDX-179-EXT remote status indicator board

Model PMDX-179-EXT

Remote Status Indicator, Board Only

Optional version for driving external industrial LED indicators, LED based light towers, or relays. The on board LEDs are on the top of the board for visibility inside of your control box.

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The PMDX-179 is a board for remote display of controller status indicators

  • Can be used the PMDX-126 revision B or later and with future PMDX boards with remote indicator support
  • Provides indicators for:
    • E-Stop
    • Outputs Enabled
    • Step Activity
    • Spindle ON
    • Probe Triggered
    • Breakout board/controller board status (as codes flashed on indicator)
    • Motor power present (detects 24 - 80 VDC on a terminal strip connection)
    • Breakout board/controller power ON
  • Provides for remote Test/Reset button on the circuit board and for external button connected to terminal strip input.
  • Provides extra DIP switches for use with future controller enhancements
  • Connects using a standard CAT-5 or CAT-6 Ethernet style cable with RJ-45 connectors
  • PMDX-179-INT version with 5mm LEDs requires no power source other than the cable to the controller board
  • Optional PMDX-179-EXT version for external indicators can drive up to 0.1 ampere at 24 VDC for LED type industrial indicators, LED type signal light towers, or for relays to operate incandescent indicators or other loads (requires external power for indicators or relays)
  • Connections for DC motor supply sensing, optional external indicators, or relays are made using a clamp screw style terminal strip

Download the manual in PDF format here
(revision 1.0, 124 KB, 5 Jun 2012).


The PMDX-179-PAN is priced at $119.00



The PMDX-179-INT is priced at $55.00

The PMDX-179-EXT is priced at $55.00

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