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Model PMDX-412

(for use with Mach4)

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The PMDX-412 has been replaced by the PMDX-414 which adds encoder support.
See the PMDX-414.

Support for the PMDX-412 has NOT gone away. It continues to utilize the same Mach4 plug-in as our other SmartBOB USB products.




PMDX-412 SmartBOB-MiniUSB board alone
Click on image for a larger view


PMDX-412 with panel installed

PMDX-412 SmartBOB-MiniUSB rough cutout for panel


PMDX-412 SmartBOB-MiniUSB as delivered
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PMDX-412 with panel installed

PMDX-412 SmartBOB-MiniUSB dress plate over cutout

The PMDX-412 is a Mach4 compatible, USB connected motion control pulse engine/breakout board
for running simple machines that do not need isolation.



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Features of the PMDX-412

1) A single board implementing both the breakout board function AND the motion controller function saves cost and makes installation simpler. Use of option jumpers has been eliminated by controlling features via software.

2) The motion control pulse engine generates pulses independent of the host computer timing and provides real time control for smooth step pulse signals up to 100 KHz on 4 axes.

3) Simple USB connection to the host computer supports both CNC operation and firmware updates.

4) Power is supplied via the USB connection. Power from the USB port is made available on J2 to power light loads such as sensors or the PMDX-104 relay board.

5) The machine interface provides equivalent signals to one parallel port including 8 step and direction signals, 5 input signals including one dedicated to emergency stop, and 4 output signals.

6) The machine interface is available as both pluggable screw terminal connectors and as a 26 pin ribbon header. It is possible to use the terminal strips for limit and home switches while using the ribbon header to connect to a stepper driver or motherboard such as the PMDX-134 and a spindle controller such as the PMDX-407.

7) The input signals have a pull-up resistor to allow use with simple mechanical switches or three-wire NPN proximity switches. These signals are filtered to reduce noise sensitivity. The inputs will also accept 5 volt logic signals. The use of PNP proximity switches will require external adaptation using a PMDX-105 or similar. All inputs are protected against voltages up to 50 volts above ground.

8) The step and direction outputs are 5 volt logic signals with up to 24 mA of drive current available. The "common" connection for the step and direction outputs is selectable via the Mach4 plug-in setup to be either Ground or +5 volts.

9) The 4 logic level outputs are 5 volt signals with up to 24 mA of drive current available. These signals can be used to drive solid state relays or the PMDX-104 light duty 4 channel relay board.

10) All outputs are turned off in the event of loss of communication from the host, or if the emergency stop input is activated.

11) The emergency stop input is a normally closed circuit for failsafe operation. A break in the circuit will signal an emergency stop.

12) An LED is provided for "Enabled" to indicate that the unit is ready to run the machine and as an aid in troubleshooting. There is also a "Steps" LED to indicate that motion is in process.

13) The board can be mounted against a panel with holes to allow access to the USB jack, pushbutton, and status LEDs. Right angle brackets are provided to support the board directly from the panel. A small overlay panel is provided so that only a rectangular hole and 4 screw holes are need for mounting to a panel. The board also has 4 holes for mounting using conventional standoffs.

14) Externally visible LEDs show status of host connection and the SmartBOB-USB board.

15) An externally accessible pushbutton is provided for firmware setup and test.

16) The PMDX-412 is a compact 2.3" by 2.2" board that fits in tight spaces. It can be self-supported when attached to a panel, or it can be mounted to an internal plate using standoffs. A dress plate is provided with each unit for use when attached directly to a panel.


PLEASE NOTE: The available step and direction signal pinouts work with most common breakout boards and with the PMDX-340 and Geckodrive G540, but they are not totally assignable at random. If you plan to use the ribbon header for step and direction outputs, please verify that your device is compatible before purchasing. Available configurations are Step on pins 2, 4, 6, 8 and Direction on pins 3, 5, 7, 9 <<OR>> Step on pins 3, 5, 7, 9 and Direction on pins 2, 4, 6, 8.

Download the User's Manual in PDF format here
(revision 1.0, 24 Jun 2016, 264 KB)

Download Plug-In Setup files here

Instructions for getting Mach4 and your License File (bundle purchase only)


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