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PMDX-103 Parallel Port Isolator Board

Model PMDX-103

Parallel Port Isolator Board


Photo of the standard version of the card with DB-25 female connector on equipment side.
Click on image for larger view


The PMDX-103 is a general purpose signal isolator for the parallel port of an IBM-PC style computer

  • Can be used to isolate motor drivers from Rutex, Xylotex, HobbyCNC, and others that have non-isolated logic level inputs.
  • Supports all signals present on a standard printer port. (8 data outputs, 5 status input, 4 status output) (Note: Data port cannot operate in bi-directional mode)
  • Isolates signals to protect the PC's printer port from ground loops and electrical noise
  • All signals will operate at up to 250KHz with signal delays of 1 microsecond or less
  • Provides isolation of 10 megaohms or more and up to 2000 volts between equipment and PC.
  • Accepts standard Centronics style printer cable for connection from PC.
  • Optionally accepts a DB-25 female to 26 pin ribbon transition cable to allow remote mounting of the DB-25 for connection to the PC.
  • Standard version provides DB-25 female connector on the equipment side of the isolator
  • Optionally available with 26 pin ribbon header on the equipment side of the isolator
  • Status inputs are filtered to suppress noise pulses shorter than 100 nanoseconds duration
  • Status signals from equipment side are equipped with pull-ups to allow direct connection of switches to be read by the computer.
  • The board is powered from the equipment side and accepts regulated 5 volts DC, unregulated 7 to 24 volts DC, or 9 to 12 volts AC
  • LED indicator indicates presence of power and proper operation of power isolation inverter

Breakout board feature comparison table

Download the full manual in PDF format here (revision 1.2, 212 KB).

The PMDX-103 is priced at $96.00

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