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PMDX-108-Output 8 channel isolated output board

Model PMDX-108-Output

8-Channel Isolated Output Board
for pins 2-9 of parallel port


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The PMDX-108-Output is an 8-channel isolated output board for pins 2-9 of the PC's parallel port (or Smooth Stepper).


  • Optically isolated outputs for the 8 data bits on pins 2 through 9 of a parallel port
  • Can be used stand alone with a parallel port or with the SmoothStepper
  • Port connections can be made via a 26 pin ribbon cable, or using on board DB-25 female
  • Pass through connectors allow it to be connected between a host port and the PMDX-125 or PMDX-126 to supplement PMDX-125/126's second port
  • Requires a single 5 volts DC power source for operation
  • Power can be supplied via a two pin terminal strip
  • Optional alternate source of power can be pin 26 of either ribbon connector
  • SmoothStepper, PMDX-125 and PMDX-126 support feeding power using ribbon connector
  • Another alternate power source can be any USB port (not signals, power only)
  • Outputs use individual two pin terminal strips and are fully isolated from the parallel port and from each other
  • Outputs are opto-isolated AC/DC MosFet (not triac) solid state relays
  • Outputs can provide isolated "switch closures" to control VFD's (variable frequency drives) or drive 24 volt DC inputs for PLC's (programmable logic controllers)
  • Outputs can drive small AC or DC relay coils up to 80 milliAmperes and 150 volts. (Output is current limited at 150 mA for protection and this limits the inrush current needed to close larger relays. See manual for details.)
  • Outputs protected against spikes when turning off inductive loads such as relays
  • Response time of outputs is less than 2 mS
  • Outputs default to off condition if connection to parallel port is removed or if power is lost
  • Supports optional "Charge Pump" safety feature on pin 17
  • On-board LED's for power and for each input signal status

Breakout board feature comparison table

Download the full manual in PDF format here
(revision 1.0, 25 Feb 2010, 466 KB)

The PMDX-108-Output is priced at $69.00

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